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This is a contribution by us to the Dynamics CRM community, these classes are a subset of our full LINQ to CRM implementation

Project Description
A collection of strongly typed portable classes to help you access data in Dynamics CRM 4.

It uses the DynamicEntity class within Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.* dlls instead of the CRM WebService.

  • A set of strongly typed classes (C# only for now)
  • Lazy loaded properties
  • Create, Update, Delete & Retrieve
  • One to Many, Many to One, Many to Many
  • On-Premise & IFD support
  • ICrmService - classes can be used within Plugins

  • Support for partylist (DynamicEntity[]; eg: email.To property)
  • Set Status
  • Set & Get Customer (eg: Invoice.Customer, set to Account or Contact)
  • Set & Get Owner (eg: OwnerId property should support the N:1 lazy loaded property <entity>.Owner.<property>)

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